The Turkish and Foreign Languages Research and Management Center (TÖMER) is held in Turkey for foreign students and adults, with the aim of properly teaching the Turkish language and after completing the training, students who have completed the training are issued an official certificate, which is rolled in many universities.

                Foreign students and adults living in Turkey are required to speak and write Turkish. There are many reasons for this.

For example: You are a foreigner and want to study at the University in Turkey. In this situation, during your registration to university, you will need to pass an exam for knowledge of the Turkish language. And if you want to pass this exam, you need to know Turkish language fluently.

If you are considering a long-term residence or a full move to Turkey, then in social life, any official business, interviews to build a dialogue with others, you will need to know Turkish language.

TBefore starting Turkish language training, each student will have to pass a test, which will show students level of the Turkish language. After passing the test, student will starts for training with the program according to his level.

The TÖMER’s levels and training levels are presented as follows;

  • Level A1: The student will acquire a basic vocabulary that can be used in a daily live. Can introduce himself or introduce another person. If the other person speaks to him clearly and slowly, the student will be able to build a dialogue.
  • Level A2: The student will be able to communicate in a close circle on certain topics using basic terms and sentences. Will be able to exchange information on certain topics and situations that he often encountered.
  • Level B1: The student will be able to understand the main idea of the text, in which the idea is stated clearly. He will also be able to understand texts related to subjects of his interest. Can build related basic sentences. Will be able to solve certain problems that arose during the trip. Will be able to share about things that was happened to him.
  • Level B2: The student will be able to understand the basic gist of confusing texts. He will know the terms related to his areas of interest, and will also be able to use them in practice. Can express thoughts clearly and quickly. Will be able to share information in all details. Will be able to answer on difficult questions, as well as describe the positive and negative aspects of this issue.
  • Level C1: The student will be able to understand and describe long and complicated texts. Will be able to express his thoughts quickly and clearly without long time choosing words. Will be able to use his knowledge of the language in society, at work and at school. Can express thoughts clearly, in a planned and detailed manner on a variety of topics.
  • Professional Turkish: The student will be able to understand everything he hears and reads. Will be able to make descriptions on a specific topic using different sources, explaining all this later. Can express his thoughts very clearly and very quickly. Can draw conclusions related to certain topics and express them.