650 hours of training! You will achieve excellent results with a huge amount of classes and practice during intensive training in our Academy!

A program that will help eradicate your uncertainty about your own math abilities. With this program you will forget about correcting mistakes worksheet. We prepare you by teching math from scratch program, even if you’ve learned math before. And trust us you will never be afraid of math again!

At the Tasari Academy from the beginning to the end of the educational process your classes will be held by two mathematics teachers. In this way you will gain the experience and methods of the two teachers, which is aimed at YÖS.

Thanks to our teachers who specialize in this field, you will overcome the difficulties on the way to YÖS in the shortest time. Thus, get a chance to enter one of the prestigious universities in Turkey!

With these “Intracurricular Guides”, you do not waste time writing down your questions during your preparation for YÖS. In these Intracurricular Guides you will meet about 10-15 questions that you may have in the learning process.

After main classes the topics of math will be repeated again. So, you can listen to the same topic twice by joining our the Extra Recharge program.

From April all the topics of the classes will be completed and it will be possible to quickly repeat all the topics with the “Super Questions Camp” before YÖS exams will start.

5 days a week from 9.00 to 17.30, if you wish, you can work out the problems that you could not solve or did not find the answer, face to face with the teachers.

Turkey’s best-selling and popular 21 YÖS books! During the course you will have 21 books, which contains about 20 thousand questions.

Challenge yourself multiple times in our mock exams!

A month after the course start, our specialists will prepare a special program for you. Thus, your preparation will become regular and systematic.

The Academy will do its best to ensure that your scores, gained as a result of hard work throughout the course of training, are most accurately assessed. And also we will help in enrolling in the best universities in Turkey.